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Why don't shops just get more size small and medium stuff?? always have only xxxl clothes left

“She got into all of this because of me. She believed in me at a turning point in my life, and wanted to partner with me and make all this happen. I had a mother who believed enough in me in watching me evolve as a young lady, to say ‘I’m leaving what I do and I’m going to partner with you and we’re going to do something together.’ That’s a pretty proud thing for a daughter to be able to say.” And the two can be pretty proud of the business they have built, with Rachel serving as the creative side and Lynn tending to the business end. While both women go on the buying trips, Rachel has the final say on the inventory but quickly adds “We’ve lasted for 17 years because of my mom’s business brains.” When the two took over they already knew the regular customers so the clientele did not drop off. Instead, it has increased, as the combination of fine clothing, honesty and friendliness makes Hedy Shepard a virtual paradise for wardrobe seekers. The shop features clothing from more than 70 designers, including esteemed names like Peserico, Liviana Conti, Cambio, Planet, Estelle & Finn and Splendid. The atmosphere is a byproduct of the nice people who run the shop. Victoria Pace is assistant to the owners, while two part-timers comprise the remainder of the five-woman staff. “It’s a kind, gentle atmosphere,” Rachel noted. “We’re not pushy. When you walk in it’s like you get greeted by your neighbor.

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The Fitzgerald collided with the merchant vessel more than three times its size some 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka early on Saturday. Three people were medically evacuated to the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka after the collision, including the ship's commanding officer, Bryce Benson, who was reported to be in stable condition, the Navy said. The other two were being treated for lacerations and bruises. The Fitzgerald limped into port on Saturday evening, listing around 5 degrees, a U.S. Navy spokesman in Yokosuka said. The flooding was in two berthing compartments, the radio room and auxiliary machine room, he said. There were 285 crew onboard, the spokesman said. Benson took command of the Fitzgerald on May 13.