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Thank goodness 2017 has been dubbed the Year of the One-Piece. Cue angels singing. Here are some ground rules I established for myself prior to writing this article: The bathing suit has to be appropriate for the lifestyle (most) of us are living. If you have been scouring the web, you may have noticed the onslaught of lingerie/dominatrix style stuff going on in the swimsuit industry as of late. That could cause issues at the Kennett Y pool. Ya know what I’m saying? The suit cannot cost more than $100. The fact that designers are charging upwards of 400 bucks for a few yards of spandex is RIDICULOUS. Unless it has magical powers sewn into the fabric and can turn me into a supermodel, I’ll save the extra cash, thanks. You need to be able to swim in it. OK, let me be real for a second.

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