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Approximately 28,000 students are finding every year that College of DuPage provides world-class educational opportunities to carry to a four-year college or university or directly into a well-paying career. The only significant difference is that our cost is partially paid by local property taxes, creating a great value for our students. For instance, you can enter our 3+1 program and earn a bachelor's degree from one of our partner universities for a total cost of approximately $35,000 a third or less of what it might cost otherwise. Or qualifying students can take advantage of our Engineering Pathways Program, taking the first two years of top-flight engineering courses at College of DuPage before transferring seamlessly to the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign to complete a degree in one of the country's top engineering programs. COD students are studying internationally and, among community colleges nationwide, College of DuPage is listed as the largest provider of international credit programs by the Open Doors Report. In addition, research-based internships are available at Fermilab, Argonne Lab and prestigious schools, facilitated by our Foundation's Resource for Excellence grants. College of DuPage is an educational gem of this region, providing exceptional opportunities to students and community members. Please take a moment to learn more about your College of DuPage at . Dianne McGuire and Joseph Wozniak, COD trustees Teens, past and present The article entitled "Students bemoan pressure at school" raises an interesting question: How do today's teens compare with those of the 1940s, members of the so-called Greatest Generation?

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and Europe, locally known as mitumba, in the 1980s, put local apparel firms out of business and killed production of raw materials like cotton. "The manufacturing sector is still facing some challenges in regards to cheap imports and the counterfeit goods," said Mwangi Kiunjuri, the planning minister. He said they were dealing with the difficulties by implementing new policies to encourage firms to boost production and hire more people. The government has been paying more attention to the sector in recent years, offering cheaper electricity to textile firms in export processing zones. The removal of sales taxes at a recent local sale resulted in thousands of consumers standing patiently in long lines for a chance to buy garments, which are normally exclusively exported to European and American retail chains. Kenya has the highest rate of youth joblessness in East Africa, the World Bank said, with 17 percent of all young people eligible for work lacking jobs. Neighbouring Tanzania and Uganda have comparable rates of 5.5 and 6.8 percent respectively. Formal manufacturing accounted for 9 percent of Kenya's $70 billion economic output last year, but it employed just 0.3 million people out of 45 million, official data showed this week. Apart from the job creation potential of boosting textile firms through the initiative, officials said it could help dislodge mitumbas from their dominant position.

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