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This 272,000-square-foot shopping center anchored by Kohls, Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less is located within the St. Louis MSA. The current leased rate exceeds 90%, and with minimal lease-up and rational leverage, this investment should generate attractive mid-teens cash-on-cash returns throughout the fund's hold period. Given retailing headwinds and headlines, our high-yield investments are certainly a contrarian call. However, you should know that we are selecting needles from a haystack, carefully reviewing a long list of items, including rents, cotenancies and tenant sales. And our team has a proven track record acquiring, redeveloping, operating and selling these types of shopping centers. The acquisition of Lincoln Place successfully closes out Fund IV. And looking ahead, given last year's successful fundraise, we have approximately $1.5 billion of dry powder available on a leveraged basis in Fund V to deploy into new opportunistic and value-add investments. We like having this much discretionary capital on call because it enables us to remain highly opportunistic, especially now, given ongoing disruption in both the capital markets and the retailing industry.

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Ken Bernstein I fall like most of our investments, it's going be very location specific. I do not believe or more importantly when I talk to our supermarket, operators, as well as co-tenants. I don't think they believe that there is any specific safe haven that they are somehow immune to some of the challenges that other retailers are facing; the good news is many of them are very focused on how that's going to play out. So the bottom-line is if you have the right supermarket in the right location that is probably good real estate and your co-tenants things probably do well. If you have a diverse shopping center where supermarket is one of many tenants and we have several of those; especially in the fun. Those are probably fine but you know the 20 century thought that somehow every supermarket anchored shopping head center is safe. That's not what our retailers are telling us Unidentified Analyst And secondly I was wondering if you could give us some idea of how we should กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง ผู้หญิง ราคาถูก 100 think about the urban street portfolio overtime in terms of market exposure, with the opportunistic cores or their you know kind of goals in terms of exposure to certain markets? Ken Bernstein Well, for the near-term I think we should stick with the markets that we know well. There is as I said over the years a dump pack to enter any new market; that doesn't mean that you can't blow it around the corner five where in D.C., New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and I think that we could easily double the size of our portfolio without adding a new market.

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