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Store co-owner Nelz of Alchemy in downtown Birmingham said the impact of the days like this is far reaching. In the downtown area there arent any major chains. If the downtown area is going to thrive it has to be dependent on localshops," said Nelz. Opening up last October, this was his stores second Small Business Saturday. Nelzsaid the community comes out for a number of reasons. Its been a combination of people coming in because they knew it was Small Business Saturday.Other people are coming in because they had the opportunity to. Theyve been meaning to come, or they saw online that we were having a sale for Small business Saturday so they wanted to come. Itsbeen a combination of those three things, Nelz said. Either way hes grateful for the support. Small Business Saturday gives the community the opportunity to come back and support the same businesses that are trying to help build the community they'rein, Nelzcontinued. Copyright 2016 WBRC .

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Geoff Thale, director of programs at the Washington Office on Latin America, said Fidel Castro's death meant that hardliners opposed to his younger brother's modest reforms would be weakened, and "we are hopeful open political debate will pick up." When discussing their country's human rights record, Cuban officials along with some rights advocates point out that the revolutionary government under Fidel Castro ran a massive literacy campaign, and dramatically improved the lives of millions of people by providing better access to housing and health care. "For this, his leadership must be applauded," said Amnesty's Guevara-Rosas. But she noted that Castro's nearly half-century in power was also characterized by what she termed "a ruthless suppression of freedom of expression," including sometimes long prison terms for people who spoke out strongly against the Cuban government. In the early years after the 1959 revolution, hundreds of summary executions were carried out as the nation's new leaders called for what they described as revolutionary justice. "To the wall!" they chanted as members of deposed President Fulgencio Batista's government were quickly tried and lined up before firing squads. Cuba still retains the death penalty, with capital punishment carried out by firing squad, although its use has declined over the years. Among the last known cases of firing squad executions included three men charged in the hijacking of a passenger ferry in 2003. The executions coincided with a crackdown and stiff prison sentences of up to 28 years for 75 of the government's most vocal critics charged with receiving money from and collaborating with U.S. diplomats to undermine Cuba's leadership. Under Raul Castro, the years-long terms for non-violent acts of dissidence have grown rarer, replaced by frequent harassment and short-term arrests.

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