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Five Things Businesses Must Do To Prepare For Mobile-First Indexing

Forbes Agency Council It should come as no surprise that Google has been watching these trends and has begun rolling out its response to the shift from desktops to mobile devices, namely with the mobile-first indexing . Having a mobile version of a website that is responsive has been a factor in Google's algorithms for some time. But up until now, the desktop version was Google's primary concern when crawling and indexing a site. That has changed as Google now analyzes the mobile version of websites first, with desktop sites only being indexed first if a website does not have a mobile version. This new algorithm has already been applied to websites all over the world, with more added each day. To ensure that your SEO strategy and your website's rankings do not suffer when this new algorithm crawls the site, follow these steps to make sure that Google favors your site’s content. According to Google, if your mobile and desktop versions are identical, this new algorithm will not affect your website contents’ rankings. That is because the rankings that Google awarded your desktop site will be the same as your mobile site content. However, if your mobile site is not responsive and lags or fails to load completely on mobile devices, this will hurt its rankings. Whether your mobile site and desktop sites are entirely separate or identical copies, your business needs to put a focus on optimizing page speeds and load times to keep these issues from hurting your site's rankings.

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The Best SEO Tools Developers are not trained to be looking at SEO factors the way a specialist will. So that's the first one. A second mistake is trying to do SEO when you either don't have the budget or don't have the resources to do it properly. You're better off educating yourself and hiring a consultant on a limited basis than trying to hire an agency that sounds like it's going to give you the magic solution. And another thing would be hiring an SEO provider that does not specialize specifically in it. SEO is very difficult to do well, and unless you don't sleep, there's not going to be a way to be a true expert at SEO. PCM: What does the future of SEO look like? What will change SEO? CR: I'd say one would be the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), which is already a factor in Google's algorithm. We have voice search and that ties in with mobile usage.

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